this is an episode of dactyl 10 .


the episode begins in the woods where a boy named dactyl is walking when he looks up and a spacepod is heading right at him he jumps out of the way and the pod crashes into the ground he goes over to it and sees a watch inside it and it jumps onto his wrist he tries to figure out what it does and ends up turning into slip snake he quickly learns what he can do and soon changes back to normel later dactyl is messing with the watch again when two robots attack and he turns into slip snake again he shoots out his arms and grabs one of the robots and smashes it the other one blasts him one of the blasts hitting the watch and changing him into dactylmummy he then flies at the robot and wraps around it crushing it he then turns back later a giant robot attacks a park and dactyl shows up and turns into ditto he creates three clones and they all attack the robot only to be slapped away and smashed into the ground ditto 1 grabs onto the robot's fist and climbs up it's body the other two begin climbing up to it's head and get inside it and start taking it's head apart once it's been taken apart they jump out as the robot explodes they then turn back and the episode ends.

aliens used.Edit

slip snake used twice dactylmummy ditto.