this is an episode of dactyl 10 .


the episode begins with dactyl as cannonbolt fighting eon dactyl rolls at eon but get's blasts through the burger shack by a time ray and it opens a portel sucking dactyl inside he lands in a grassy field and eon is standing beside him dactyl looks over and sees a t rex charging at him while eon teleports away dactyl quickly pushes down the omnitrix turning into wisp he blasts the dinosaur but it keeps coming and slaps wisp with it's tail wisp soon learns he can shoot bubbles and uses one to trap the t rex he then flies off in search of eon later we see dactyl in a icey area fighting a cave man as slip snake the cave man hits dactyl with he's club then punches him down and dactyl spits acid onto the caveman's face making it faint when he turns back to normel eon teleport to where dactyl is and attacks him dactyl turns into ditto and tackles eon but gets thrown off ditto clones himself six times and ditto 2 and 4 attack eon while the others make a plan soon all the dittos join into one and change into wisp he starts blasting eon and eon counters the ret with his time rays but soon wisp is able to overpower the ray and hits eon with a super blast knocking him out then dactyl opens his own portel and gets back to earth.

aliens used.Edit

cannonbolt wisp used twice slip snake ditto.