this is an episode of dactyl10 .


the episode begins with dactyl in a ghost town fighting a zombie as wisp he flies around the zombie blasting it with lasers and bubblebombs he then traps the zombie in a bubble then turns back he begins searching the town and runs into three more zombies he slaps down the omnitrix and turns into a mouse like alien with a thunderbolt like tail he shoots lightning at a zombie frying it next he changes into a lightningbolt and flies at the other zombies frying them as well he then flies into a bank and sees another zombie he shoots a lightning ball at it blowing it up he changes back to human and heads over to a store where he finds two zombies and a zombie dog he turns into eatle and punches the dog apart then eats part of the wall and blasts the two zombies afterwards he changes back from there he leaves the town.

aliens usedEdit

wisp elecmouse eatle.