this is an episode of dactyl10 .


the episode begins with dactyl in a lake when a giant catfish jumps out of the water and goes back in then attacks dactyl he quickly turns into gatorfreak and grabs the catfish and throws it onto land he swims over to it and changes back he starts cooking up catfish meat when a large crab walks onto the shore dactyl jumps up and turns into heatblast then goes mega and shoots lava balls at the crab but the crab goes into it's shell and starts spinning creating a sand tornado sucking mega heatblast inside it he hits the megatrix and turns into ditto he clones himself until the clones fill the tornado causing it to explode sending all the clones into eachother when ditto gets up two more crabs arrive he hits the megatrix and he grows in size black lines go around his body then mega ditto is standing there he charges at a crab and throws it into another one then clones himself twice and they make themselves into a rope and wrap around all the crabs crushing them then they join togather and change back .

aliens usedEdit

gatorfreak heatblast mega heatblast ditto mega ditto.