this is an episode of dactyl 10.


the episode starts off with dactylmummy attacking a group of people when dactyl arrives and sees that the omnitrix on the dactylmummy is red he quickly turns into metalmono and throws a mailbox at the anti dactylmummy it quickly grabs it and throws it back at dactyl knocking him back he uses his powers to rip off two car doors and sends them at anti dactylmummy but a red flash is seen and anti cannonbolt rolls out hitting metalmono he gets control again and turns into stinkfly and anti cannonbolt changes into anti wisp stinkfly flies at wisp only to be blasted away then wisp changes into an alien made of fire and throws a fireball at stinkfly it hits and stinkfly falls to the ground defeated then the alien changes into a normel human that looks just like dactyl and turns into a dinosaur like alien with wheels on his feet and speeds off.

aliens usedEdit

anti dactylmummy metalmono anti cannonbolt stinkfly anti wisp anti heatblast anti XLR8