this is an episode of dactyl 10 .


the episode begins with dactyl fighting a large horned dog as dactylmummy the dog charges at dactylmummy but he wraps it up and throws it into a cage then changes back but once he does the dog breaks free and attacks dactyl when he wakes up he is in front of two gates one is glowing white while the other one is glowing black the black gates opens and three horned zombie monsters charge out dactyl slams down the omnitrix turning into stinkfky he quickly flies up and shoots slime at them but one shoots fire burning the slime it then jumps up onto stinkfly's back stinkfly tries to shake it off but the zombie grabs his wings and makes stinkfly fall changeing him back to normal dactyl gets back up and turns into ditto he clones himself then each ditto clone attacks a zombie once they beat them they combine and change back dactyl goes into the black gate and sees a big horned dog and a human like monster behind it he pushes down the omnitrix and turns into a beetle like alien with a large jaw full of steel teeth he attacks the dog beating it with ease he then tackles the human alien they get into a fist fight until dactyl eats some dirt and blasts the alien causing it to explode he is then teleported back to earth and changes back.

aliens usedEdit

dactylmummy stinkfly ditto eatle