this is an episode of dactyl 10 .


the episode begins with dactyl battling a bunch of robbers as eatle one of them starts shooting at eatle but he eats the bullets and blasts them all with his lasers end scene soon we see enoch breaking out of a large jailcell and a group of foreverknights joining him when dactyl arrives as wildmutt he then charges at a knight but gets kicked back then the knight pulls out a sword and slices at wildmutt hitting the omnitrix making wildmutt change back to normel then they kick dactyl into a wall knocking him out when he comes to he finds himself inside the forevercastle and sees enoch with a huge laser pointed out the sun dactyl pushes down on the watch his head floats off his body his hands and feet turn into circles two small spikes come out of his neck he then shouts metalmono he points his stubby hands at a knights and throws him into the others then he grabs enoch and throws him back into jail then he turns backs

aliens usedEdit

eatle wildmutt metalmono.