this is an episode of dactyl10 .


the episode begins with the circus freaks outside dactyl's house thumbskull breaks into his bedroom and sees dactyl standing there as eatle he charges at thumbskull and headbutts him back frightwig stratchs her hair out at eatle wraping around his arms then thumbskull grabs eatle and throws him into another house a green flash is seen and fasttrack runs out he punches frightwig and ties her up in her own hair acidbreath uses his breath to melt the ground under fasttrack he falls and hits the megatrix and turns into heatblast he slaps it down again and his body turns to lava and rocks form and his arms and legs he then becomes mega heatblast he shoots lava at acidbreath burning his mouth he makes a lava river under thumbskull then forms a giant lava fist and punches him down the street then throws lava balls at frightwig defeating her then he turns back

aliens usedEdit

eatle fasttrack heatblast mega heatblast.