this is an episode of dactyl 10 .


the episode begins with dactyl going into the sewer looking for the cause of the strange sounds he's been hearing once he get's down there he is attacked by giant sewer rat he quickly turns into wildmutt and tackles one he throws it into another then bites the last one in the neck the others run in fear and wildmutt changes back later we see dactyl standing in front of a large pipe when a gator like alien jumps out and attacks him he turns into wisp and shoots blasts at it but it's scales help it from being hurt it then hits wisp with a pipe knocking him out when dactyl wakes up he's chained to a table he sees more gator aliens around the room and the omnitrix scans one turning him into a big black and green gator with glowing green eyes and the omnitrix on his chest he charges at a gator alien and snaps it's neck he attacks another one punches it then snaps it's neck the other two charge at him but he punches one throws another threw a wall then kills the last one afterwards he changes back.

aliens used.Edit

wildmutt wisp gatorfreak.