this is an episode of dactyl10 .


the episode begins in china where dactyl is checking out dragon sightings when he hears a loud screach a a black and red dragon flies over his head he quickly turns into a new alien called jet ray and follows it he shoots lasers at the dragon but they bounce off it's body and hit jet ray knocking him out of the sky he changes back and looks up to see the dragon flying right at him he quickly turns into another new alien called dinocharge he then runs at the dragon headbutting it in the chest knocking it back it blasts fireballs at dinocharge but he uses his shield like head to defend he then turns into spidermonkey and jumps onto it's head and webs it's wings togather then webs it's eyes shut then kicks it knocking it over soon we see dactyl standing in front of four more dragons he turns into blizzerd and charges at them the black dragon flies over blizzerd and blasts fire at him he he blasts ice at it causeing a struggle between them soon after the ice and fire explode blowing the dragons to dust he then turns back and the episode ends.

aliens usedEdit

jet ray dinocharge spidermonkey blizzerd.