this is an episode of dactyl10 .


the episode begins in trasylvania where dactyl is checking out UFO reports and vampire sightings when he finds a dark castle with a vampire inside it he quickly turns into a white and green alien called blizzerd he figures out that he can control snow and creates snowballs and throws them at the vampire but it turns into a vampire bat and flies away later dactyl is seen fighting two vampires as stinkfly he tries shooting his slime but it fails so he turns into clockwork and uses his timeray and ages the to vampires to dust then teleports back to the castle once there he turns back and sees a bunch of vampires and green aliens he quickly turns into blizzerd again and charges at a alien he makes a blizzerd around the aliens and the vampires freezeing them all then he breaks each of them then turns back.

aliens usedEdit

blizzerd used twice stinkfly clockwork.