this is an episode of dactyl10 .


the episode begins in rome where dactyl is watching a showdown between a man and a bear when the minotaur breaks through part of the wall and attacks the man dactyl quickly turns into blizzerd and runs at the minotaur he throws a punch but the minotaur blocks it then smacks him with his hammer blizzerd goes flying into a building and changes into jet ray he flies at the minotaur but another monster attacks him the hydra it blasts fire and ice at him burning and freezeing his body he falls to the ground and breaks out of the ice as a new alien called iceclaw he charges at the hydra but gets whacked back by the cyclops then three yellow beams fly out of the megatrix and hit the minotaur hydra and cyclops then go back inside and dactyl changes back to normel the monsters run off and dactyl follows them until the hydra sees him and attacks he turns into the cyclops and names it cybeast he grabs the hydra and throws it into the minotaur then tackles the cyclops but is kicked back then punched he changes into heatblast and makes a fire wall around the cyclops then goes mega he then creates a super novaball and throws it at the cyclops blowing it up along with the hydra and minotaur then the episode ends .

aliens usedEdit

blizzerd jet ray iceclaw cybeast heatblast mega heatblast.