this is an episode of dactyl10 .


the episode begins in a dark city where dactyl is walking through when a fog cloud covers the whole area stopping dactyl from seeing when a tall man with no face appears and attacks dactyl he quickly turns into a new alien called clockwork and charges at slenderman he tries punching him but slendy grabs his fist and throws him into the ground clockwork changes into eatle and eats some dirt then blasts a laser at slenderman but he absorbs it then blasts it back knocking eatle back he changes into ball weevil and creates a slime ball and tries rolling away but slendy grabs him and the megatrix scans him unlocking slenderman's dna dactyl then turns into slenderman but with the megatrix on his shoulder he uses his tentacles to wrap slendy up then shocks him he then changes once more into heatblast and burns slendy he then changes back and runs home  .

aliens usedEdit

clockwork eatle ball weevil slender heatblast.